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Investerior | La Cornue, s’il vous plait!
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29 Nov La Cornue, s’il vous plait!

The most beautiful stove in the kitchen.

Honestly, are this the most beautiful stoves or what?


Ever since I was a little girl I knew this was the kind of stove I wanted to put in my kitchen. Even though I’m everything but a kitchen princes, I could tell this was the queen of the kitchen. With all the extremely boring, similar and way to modern designs you see everywhere, this classic European beauty stands out in the crowd.

La Cornue is a privately owned French company, established in 1908. Since then they’re producing unique ranges that suit in the French so called ‘Art de Vivre’. In a world where automated production, instant result and quick expiration are the norm, La Cornue strives for passion, inertia and durability. Each ‘Château La Cornue’ is an original and numbered work made by a ‘Compagnon’ of La Cornue. Your range is made to order only. It is made by a single ‘Compagnon’ who will be taking all the time to create your unique object. Resulting that not one of the La Cornue stoves is completely the same. Sounds like an investment piece, right?

If you are into antiques and live in a home with European imperial 18th century architecture, these abundant stoves are the perfect match for your home. However, you know we are even more into mixing styles from ages. Like putting this classic stove in a modern interior. You may imagine how eye-catching this piece then will be.

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