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Investerior | About
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in·ves·te-rior  [in-ves-tih-ree-or]

All the bits and pieces that will stimulate a rise in the value of your personal interior, referring to both the inner part of your physical home as the inside of your mind and soul. Such pieces may include but are not limited to an antique gilded mirror, soul food, the iconic weck jars, a photograph of someone you do not know, a stuffed peacock, a hardcover story or sounds of music. 

Origin: created in 2016; derrived from the nouns ‘investment‘ & ‘interior.

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“We want to make you fall in love with being at home.
And help you create your dream home, one investerior project at a time.”

Fall in love with being at home. Falling in love with your home, is like falling in love with yourself, an essential ingredient for health and happiness. When it comes to falling in love with your interior, you are the source for succes. We are only here to curate and guide you in your personal style search. Let us help you discover what you love and understand what’s so lovable about it. The stories, sounds and images we present in our blog are all a manifestation of the Investerior lifestyle. Go browse these stories. Let the images, words and sounds feed your soul and inspire you in the decorating process.
One investerior project at a time. Creating your dream home is a matter of time, love and investments. Before we create your personal Investerior plan, we ask you to think about what makes you happy. We take the time to understand why you love what you love. We will look for pieces that are you. Your dream home should be a representation of your character, your past and your future. Creating your dream home takes time. So no rush. Rush creates hasty decisions and an alienation of yourself. Just built your home one investerior project at a time. We tell you the background stories of pieces we present, and we only present those pieces that have the quality and beauty your home deserves. And no worry if your budget is thight, be willing to wait and save up for that special piece. We provide an investment plan to help you buy only the things you truly love. Because we believe this is the only way to create a long lasting relationship with your interior.